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Frequently Asked


Get a clear understanding of some of the main points of our work before getting in touch with us or booking a Discovery Call.

This will help be more prepared understanding your real needs.




atelierzoz offers a fully integrated service from concept to project completion including architectural design, interior design and development management.

An architect is a professional and expert in their field. Through their knowledge and experience, your architect can save you both time and money, and also give you peace of mind by taking the stress out of the whole building process. Your architect can also maximise your return on investment by adding value to your project.

We are keen to meet potential new clients and will meet as soon as possible, this is normally within 1 weeks’ time, but will be able to attend sooner if required.

Meeting during the week is favored , but if this is not possible we appreciate an out of office hours meeting will be required. It is important to have daylight to enable us to see the building or site properly.


We would normally suggest 1 to 1 1/2 hours, but it as long as is required.


The documents that are created in this phase will be handed off to contractors and building departments so they must include rigorous detail. This includes everything from foundation plan, door and window schedules, plumbing diagrams, base electrical plans, base structural drawings, notation of existing conditions/demolition, power plans, plumbing fixture locations, reflected ceiling plans and notes indicating finishes and materials. These details, sections, schedules and notes will communicate, in detail, the design intent in a format suitable for construction and that will meets code requirements. "


Refining every inch, inside and out, is a monotonous task and requires a keen, deliberate attention to detail. For this reason, the Construction Documents Phase is often quite time-consuming. Although, we know you will be excited about the future home, we ask that you bear with us as we nit-pick the little details that we promise will make all the difference in the end.

Our primary expertise serves residential, multi-residential, hospitality, and commercial sectors. However, we do not limit ourselves in the type of projects commissioned.

The initial consultation is for you to consider if we are the right fit for your project. We will discuss how your requirements align with our capabilities and experience. You will be able to freely share your ideas and concepts and will be also be given the opportunity to ask questions and seek further clarification.

At the initial briefing, bring in examples of what you like about other buildings or developments. These can be sketches or images of inspiration. We can interpret your wish list and translate this into a great design.

As part of our development management service, atelierzoz can assist with finding a suitable site for your project.

atelierzoz can arrange planning approval and building permits for your development.

We are open to considering redesigning projects that have already commenced with another architect on a case by case basis.

Listed Building Consent is required for work on a Listed Building and is normally applied for alongside a planning application.

Listed Building Consent is required for all works of demolition, alteration or extension to a listed building that affect its character as a building.  An application for Listed Building Consent is made to, and determined by, the Local Planning Authority. If there is any doubt whether Listed Building Consent is required it is advisable to contact the relevant Local Planning Authority or Heritage department of the Local Authority. We can do this on your behalf.

Our normal advice is to select 3 Builders or Contractors you are happy to award the work too, in selecting these 3 you should consider if they have carried out similar projects before, are capable of the work involved  and if they have satisfied clients, etc. Then once you are satisfied with the above you should then ask for a quotation with as much detail provided as possible including a potential start date and contract length.

The more information the Builder or Contractor is provided with the more accurate the quotation will be and the less chance of extra’s. Ideally the builder should be provided with:

Once you have the quotations in they should be scrutinized and checked that all you have asked for is included and make sure that each Builder or Contractor is quoting for the same end result. It is also important to make sure you feel comfortable with the builder or contractor and communication goes well between you. Then you decide. We are always available to assist with this if you wish.

Yes, we are available on the telephone or on site for either you or your builder to ask questions about the project, this may be subject to our agreed hourly rate.

Yes, our objective is to assist you in achieving the completed project in the best manner possible. Post approval we normally work on an hourly basis and charge accordingly.

Or if we are offering you also the Project Management Services.



Interior Architecture is a practice that incorporates the art of design and the science of architecture, and it focuses on the technical aspects of planning and building a room. This field involves making the room safe and functional as well as designing aesthetically appealing lighting, color and texture for a space.

Hiring an interior designer is a small decision that makes a big difference in how your project will ultimately turn out.  A professional interior designer from Interiors Joan and Associates can guide you through every step of the new construction or renovation process, keeping your project on budget and on time.  Our designers also have years of experience and countless relationships with vendors and contractors who will deliver the end result you desire.


You should hire an interior designer at the earliest stage of your project.  Including this professional in the beginning allows the designer to assist you with every decision and material specification, creating a look and feel that is carried throughout your home or office project.  It also wards off expensive mistakes that may have to be addressed late in the process.


Before you meet with your interior designer, think about your project and what you want to accomplish. For instance,  how will your family live in the space, do you really need more storage or is it more about a comfortable place to sit?  What types of designs do you like?  What colors do you like?  Collect pictures of rooms or spaces that speak to you, or create an idea book online.  All of these clues will help your designer to create a look JUST FOR YOU.  And perhaps just as importantly…  understand your budget and expectations.


Absolutely!  That’s our job.  We will help you to decipher the look and the feel that will most reflect you and your personality.  Then we’ll make sure that this look is translated into a design plan that will work with your lifestyle.


In this phase we explore all furnishings that will inhabit the home along side you. These furnishings (including decorative lighting, furniture, art and accessories) are usually readily available for purchase. In this scenario, our team will gather quotes, confirm dimensions, coordinate delivery and oversee installation. We can also handle the purchasing of select furnishings which allows us to extend our designer discount to our clients.

Occasionally, some projects require a one-of-a-kind item. In these situations our team will either coordinate with the appropriate subcontractors and create custom shop drawings or rely on our extensive network to source the perfect piece.


Our interiors team has an encyclopedic knowledge of modern furnishings and a large network of connections within the industry - specifically in New York City. This allows us to expertly select furnishings that are consistent with the aesthetics, budget and materiality of your project.

Via a series of presentations we will provide you with highly refined selections where we will need you to select your ideal furnishings and approve each item for purchase. We will take care of the rest.

Yes!  Our designers can help you edit your existing pieces to determine which ones will fit into your new space.  And if you have treasures from travels, or family heirloom pieces that you want to work into the new design, we are experts at weaving them all together.

When you make the decision to hire a designer from atelierzoz, you will have an initial consultation with your designer during which they get a feel for the scope of your project, assess your needs, and make a plan of action that will accomplish your goals.  From there, you will have presentation meetings in the studio and on site and your designer will follow your project until the last accessory is placed perfectly in its spot.

Simply put, a designer can help avoid costly mistakes.  You’ll get your project completed right the first time when working with one of our designers.  And, we work directly with manufacturers so we can offer you the best pricing available.

As no two projects are the same, we are unable to give you an exact figure at our first meeting. It is important for you to approach your project with a realistic budget. Once we understand your requirements we will be able to advise if your budget aligns with your aspirations. It does take time to develop a design and identify the specific costs, once these have been identified we will provide you with a detailed summary and will keep you updated throughout the process so that there are no surprises at the end.

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