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Your First Meeting With An Architectural Studio

Your First Meeting With An Architectural Studio, What to Expect.

Taking the first step towards turning your dream home into a reality is a milestone in everyone’s life, so congratulations on reaching that moment. Furthermore choosing the right architectural studio to work with is an essential part of the process, and your first meeting will be an important opportunity to discuss your vision and start turning that into a plan. But what can you expect from this initial consultation? Here’s a guide to help you prepare for your first meeting with an architectural studio.

We have divided the main stages into three: Before the Meeting, During the Meeting, and After the Meeting.

Before the Meeting

Before you meet with us, it’s important to do your homework. 

You should have a clear idea of your budget and timeline for the project. This will help us give you an accurate estimate of the costs and time involved, and ensure that we can meet your needs.

Finally, make a list of any questions or concerns you have about the project. These could include issues related to your property, such as site restrictions or zoning regulations, or more general questions about the design process or the role of the architectural studio. Having a clear idea of what you want to discuss will help you make the most of your first meeting.

Doing your homework also means going to the meeting with a united vision in case you are a couple starting to plan your future family’s nest. Many times we have started meetings where the two partners weren’t aligned at all in the vision and this halted any sort of progress.

We also suggest preparing and bringing with you all documentation available, this might include:

– Plot Documentation
– Site Location
– Plot Surveying
– Plot Pictures


During the Meeting

During your first meeting with us, you can expect to discuss a range of topics related to your project. This may include:

The design of your home: You’ll have the opportunity to share your vision for your home and discuss the various design options available. Be sure to bring any inspirational images or sketches you have to give the team a sense of your style and preferences.

Your budget and timeline: It’s important to be upfront about your budget and timeline for the project. This helps us to provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs and time involved and let you know whether your expectations are realistic. Be aware that often the inspiration images do not align with the budget available – so be prepared to consider compromises.

Site restrictions and zoning regulations: Depending on your property, there may be certain limitations or regulations that will impact the design of your home. We can help you navigate these issues and find solutions that meet your needs while still complying with the rules.

The design process: You may want to ask us about our design process and how we work with clients. This can help you get a sense of what to expect as the project progresses and how you’ll be involved in the decision-making process. You can read more about our Process on this page.

Communication and collaboration: It’s important to feel comfortable with the architectural studio you choose, as you’ll be working closely with us throughout the project and we will be in constant contact for a few years. Ask about our communication style and how we prefer to collaborate with clients.

Services offered: Different architectural studios offer different levels of service. Some may handle the design process only, while others may also provide oversight during construction. Make sure you understand what services we offer within the different packages and whether they meet your needs and your budget.

After the Meeting

After your first meeting with us, you should have a good sense of whether we are the right fit for your project. If you feel comfortable and confident in our abilities, the next step is to sign a contract and begin the design process.

If you have any remaining questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for clarification. It’s important to feel fully informed and comfortable with the team you choose, as you’ll be working closely with them to turn your dream home into a reality.

We have prepared also an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questioned, that will help you even more.



Your first meeting with us is an important opportunity to discuss your vision for your home and start turning it into a plan. By doing your homework beforehand and coming prepared with questions and concerns, you can make the most of this initial consultation. Remember to consider our design philosophy, services offered, and communication style when evaluating whether we are the right fit for your project. If you have any further questions or need additional clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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